How to decorate for the holidays when your home is for sale

Keeping your home on the market during the holidays is a smart move. Buyers who are searching during the holidays are serious and really want or need to find a home. If they weren’t, they’d be at home baking cookies, shopping for gifts, or attending holiday events.

So how can you best appeal to them? By remembering that this year, less may be more.

First, be mindful of curb appeal. Even if you love to cover your lawn with blow-up Santas and snowmen, restrain yourself. Stick with some basic lights and a wreath. A nice garland around the door and a poinsettia or three on the porch would also be inviting.

Next, although you probably de-cluttered a bit already, do a little more before you begin adding decorations to the interior. Remember that you want prospective buyers to see the house, not the “stuff.”

Pay attention to scale. If you’re bringing in a tree, be sure it fits the room – not too small and definitely not so large that it takes up the entire room.

Color and style count. When it comes to Christmas, many of us go all out with red and green, even if they don’t fit the décor. This year, change your plan. If your house is done in blues, choose blue and gold or blue and silver for your ornaments. The same goes for style – if the house is ultra-modern, stay away from decor that speaks of a country cabin.

Don’t over-do anything. Even if you get four dozen cards from friends and love to display them, don’t do it this year. The same goes for your collection of 79 Santa figurines, the three dozen candles you like to place on the mantle, and every ornament your children ever created.

Remember, everything you do should enhance the beauty of your home and draw attention to its best features. Don’t hide them!

Last but not least – be mindful of scent. Pine or Fir boughs smell wonderful, as does simmering cinnamon. Artificial sprays, on the other hand, will send some buyers back out the door before they have an opportunity to view the house.

Having your home on the market during the holidays is a bit of extra work – but worth the effort when you instantly appeal to those buyers who need to find a home before the month is over.